What I like about u ♥

# 1 
Your smile

# 2
You don't know how
to Dance

# 3
The way you wear
your Jeans 

# 4
The way you hold me in
your Sleep

# 5
The smell of your Perfume

# 6
When you hold my
hand in public

# 7
How you make me laugh when I'm mad 
and then I forget why I was mad
at the first place.

# 8
When you offer me your Jacket even 
though your freezing too.

# 9
How your face change when your not telling 
the truth. Making it impossible
for you to tell me a lie. 

# 10  
When you put your arms around me.

# 11
 You are the only one who 
knows how to kiss my neck 
without givning me tickles.

# 12
You are not to proud to cry. 

# 13
How you always accuse me of 
cheating when you are losing 
against me. 

# 14
Waking up beside you. 

# 15
The first Kiss in the 

# 16
You always respect my opinion even 
if you don't agree. 

# 17
You make me feel special. 

# 18
You let me cry against your shoulder 
without asking any 

# 19
When you brag about me 
in front of friends 
and family.  

# 21 ♥ 
When you give me flowers for 
no reason. 

# 22
When you fall asleep before 

# 23  
Waking up at night by hearing you 
come home.

# 24
When we are a arguing and
I can see how you're
biting your lip, trying hard to not to

# 25 ♥ 
How you pretend to be mad when
I borrow your sweaters.

# 26 ♥ 
When you agree to wee a romantic movie
without a singel sigh.

# 27
The fact that we don't like the same
candy. Leaving the best ones for me.

# 28
When you text me
something cute-

# 29
Lazy Mornings with pillow

# 30
When you say something stupid
and I laugh until I
can't breath.

# 31
When you say
I love you,

# 32
When you play with my hair.

# 33
When you sing a song
without knowing
the lyrics.

# 34
The look you get on your face
when I'm wearing a
pretty dress.

# 35 ♥ 
When you make me a candlelight

# 36
When you tell me
something you never told no
one before.

# 37
When you let me help you
pick out new

# 38
Lazy sundays when we watch movies
all day.

# 39
When you compliment me when
I'm not wearing makeup.

# 40
When you introduce me as
your girlfriend.

# 41
a hug from you when you just stepped out
of the shower.

# 42
When you are acting like a

# 43
When you steal a Kiss from me, forgetting that
I have lipstick on.

# 44
When you bond with my family becoming
a part of it.

# 45
When you steal my cover
in your sleep.

# 46
When your eyes meet mine and we smile
at the same time.

# 47
When you call me and we talk
for hours.

# 48
When you tell me about your

# 49
Playing in the snow, like children and
drinking hot chocolate.

# 50
When you talk about
our future.

# 51
Seeing pictures ans Videos of  you
as a child

# 52
The fact that you like and
respekt my freinds.

# 53
That we never go sleep

# 54
You would never tell a secret
that I told you.

# 55
Just seeing you gives me

# 56
When you explain soemthing for me and
I finally get it.

# 57
When we fight and
make up.

# 58
When hang out and it can be quiet without
beeing akward.

# 59
When I sleep in your

# 60
When you want me to sit in your lap though
there are empty chairs.

# 61
When you say that
I smell good.

. . .